The DataSHIELD Team

 United Kingdom

NameAffiliationArea of Work
Dr Demetris Avraam   Statistical methodology, core developer
Tom Bishop MRC Epidemiology Unit Infrastructure development, core developer
Professor Paul Burton (PI) Newcastle University PI DataSHIELD; Statistical methodology, core developer
Dr Olly Butters Newcastle Unviersity Infrastructure development
Dr Joel Minion Newcastle University Social studies of science
Professor Madeleine Murtagh Newcastle University DataSHIELD data governance
Dr Becca Wilson Newcastle Unviersity Operational Manager, core developer


Dr Isabel Fortier McGill University Health Centre
Yannick Marcon OBiBa


Harald Binder Miracum Consortium
Julian Gründner Miracum Consortium  
Stefan Lenz Miracum Consortium
Daniela Zöller Miracum Consortium

Previous Contributors

The DataSHIELD project is grateful to contributions from the following individuals:

Isabelle Budin, Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Vincent Feretti, Ontario Institute of Cancer Research
Dr Amadou Gaye, University of Leicester; University of Bristol
Jennifer Harris, Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Dr Julia Isaeva, Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Dr Elinor Jones, University College London
Dr Chris Newby, University of Leicester
Dr Andrew Turner, University of Leicester; University of Bristol
Professor Edwin van den Heuvel, Eindhoven University of Technology
Dr Susan Wallace, University of Leicester