Examples of DataSHIELD infrastructure

Infrastructure examples

The DataSHIELD infrastructure is modular, and therefore is flexible to be implemented under different scenarios. The most common infrastructure implementations are outlined below.

Multi-site DataSHIELD

This infrastructure is appropriate for the co-analysis of harmonised individual level data held at multiple locations. Each data location installs the server-side DataSHIELD infrastructure that holds a snapshot of the harmonised data to be co-analysed. One of the locations also installs and manages the DataSHIELD client portal, the mechanism by which users are authenticated to send analysis commands within the DataSHIELD infrastructure.

Single-site DataSHIELD

This infrastructure is used to enable analysis of individual level data held at one location. In this case, the data server-side DataSHIELD infrastructure is installed in addition to the DataSHIELD client portal.